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[aprssig] Party Balloon Long Duration Mission (web page)

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Mar 29 16:52:25 UTC 2012

Balloon web page is up.  Launch hopefully by sunset from Annapolis Maryland.

Start here:    http://aprs.org

-----Original Message-----
If we are lucky, we hope to launch our 6 party-balloon long duration payload
Thursday evening around sunset EST.    It has no APRS, just a 10m CW
telemetry system.  We will have to locate it by signal strength and beam
headings only.

If you have APRS you can uplink your beam heading via APRS so we can see the
DF solution maybe...

More tomorrow (again, if we are lucky).  It will only be at 15,000 feet or
so, vulnerable to weather and not so great winds...

The battery could last 10 days....


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