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[aprssig] Detailed review of APRS-capable HTs

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Tue May 1 14:22:48 UTC 2012

On 05/01/2012 08:32 AM, Dave B wrote:
> Nice write up.
> I'm surprised you didn't cover the venerable TH-D7 as they are still
> about, do a fairly good job, and everyone (in APRS anyway) knows of them.
> If just as a baseline so as to compare the newer kit too.
> I'm sure someone over there will have one for you to play with.

That was for the simple reason that I have never had the chance to use a 
TH-D7.  I actually considered it instead of the VX-8GR for my recent 
project, but I was unable to find one used at a competitive price, and 
the lack of a built-in GPS was also an issue.

There are a lot of people around here that have mobile APRS setups, but 
very few that have APRS-capable HTs.  (This may be due to the low 
population density in Kansas, and thus also the low digipeater density.)

-- John

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