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[aprssig] newbee with D72 and AVMAP G5

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Wed May 2 01:15:13 UTC 2012

On 5/1/2012 9:06 PM, Steve Noskowicz wrote:
> --- On Tue, 5/1/12, Stephen H. Smith<wa8lmf2 at aol.com>  wrote:
>> The only 2.5mm jack on the side is an EXTERNAL gps hookup,
>> just like the predecessor TH-D7 and D700.
> D72 Manual says the 2.5 mm COM port is for:
> 1 - External GPS, or Wx Station
> 2 - DX cluster (HF rig tune)
> 3 - Sky Command HF rig operation.

These are all specialized interfaces, two of which are intimately dependent on 
Kenwood firmware in other radios like the TS-480 or TS-2000.    The fact 
remains that the classic "main" serial port that provided more-or-less generic 
acccess to the TNC, for external programs on the previous D700 or TH-D7 is now 
a USB port.

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