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[aprssig] Net14 April Report -Soundmodem

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Thu May 3 15:59:10 UTC 2012

On 5/3/2012 11:13 AM, John Goerzen wrote:
> Where can we get more information about the soundmodem project?  Is that the 
> same one that is used on Linux?
> -- John

This has nothing to do with Linux.

The UZ7HO "Soundmodem"  is a purely soundcard-based dual-port software-based 
TNC for 300, 600 and 1200 baud packet operation on any version of Windows 
beginning with Windows 2000.

It's a drop-in replacement for the AGW Packet Engine used in it's sound card 
mode (i.e. not in AGW's role as a port manger sharing multiple TNCs with any 
number of packet-using apps).   The Soundmodem exactly mimics AGW's  API, and 
will work with any program currently  offering an AGW option as an alternative 
to a hardware TNC(s).  Some of the programs that support AGWpe (and thus the 
UZ7HO "Soundmodem") are WinAPRS, UIview, APRSpoint and APRSis32.

Compared to AGWpe:

  * The soundmodem is less tweaky and touchy about sound card setup, timing and
    audio levels.

  * The soundmodem can be set to any desired audio tone pair on 300 baud HF
    mode, in a manner similar to most PSK31 programs.  (The freeware version of
    AGWpe is fixed at 2100/2300 audio tones on HF which causes problems with
    many HF/SSB transceivers with narrow passbands. The pay-for AGWpe "Pro"
    version does allow you to select the KAM-style 1600/1800 tone pair that is
    much less problematic with SSB transceivers.   The Soundmodem lets you use
    ANY tone pair -- for example selecting a tone pair that matches the
    passband of a 500 Hz CW filter in the radio.)

  * In addition to dual waterfall displays (one for each port), the Soundmodem
    has a built-in raw packet display that allows you to immediately see if it
    is functioning correctly and decoding packets,  without needing to start up
    an external application.   Very useful for debugging initial setups -- it
    immediately eliminates the uncertainty of whether "no decode" problems are
    in the link between the soundcard program and the external application, or
    inside the sound card and sound card app itself.

  * The soundmodem is the highest-performing packet TNC for noisy HF modes that
    I have ever tested.  It runs circles around any hardware-based devices such
    as PK-232s or KAMs.

  * And finally,  it is FREE!!!

Despite it's rather sophisticated DSP, I am using this soundcard app combined 
with UIview on a mere 877 MHz Pentium III,  and on an Acer ZG-5 Netbook with a 
1GHz Intel "Atom" processor (i.e. rather wimpy CPU),  with no difficulty.  The 
original site for the Soundmodem is the author's website at:

. <http://uz7.ho.ua/modem_beta/>

I have repackaged the original "dumb zipfile" distribution into a full-blown 
standard Windows "wizard-type" automated installer that includes a user manual, 
creates a Windows Start Menu group, desktop short cuts, etc.    Download it 
from my website at:

. < http://wa8lmf.net/miscinfo/UZ7HO-Soundmodem-Install-Ver-0.44-Beta.exe>



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