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[aprssig] ATTN Uiview & Other APRS Users -- Precision Mapping 9.0 On Sale

Lee Bengston lee.bengston at gmail.com
Sun May 6 12:59:43 UTC 2012

Does this software require the original DVD to be present in order to
use it?  If I were to purchase it, I would want to install it in a
Netbook that has no CD/DVD drive.  I have a USB DVD drive that I could
use for installation, but I would not want to bring that along with
the Netbook in a mobile situation.

Lee - K5DAT

On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 11:14 AM, Stephen H. Smith <wa8lmf2 at aol.com> wrote:
> As I recently posted, Precision Mapping's latest update has made it almost
> trivially easy to export accurately calibrated static (fixed) maps of any
> part of North America at any scale. Now Precision Mapping is on a
> limited-time sale.
> Just received an email from Undertow Software announcing a limited-time sale
> on Precision Mapping 9.0 Looks like this is the time for North American
> UIview users to upgrade if you haven't already!
> "A new version v9 of the program has been released. If you haven't ordered
> your copy yet, order before May 15, 2012 and you can upgrade to the latest
> version of the software, for ONLY *$34.99* + s&h, compared to the product
> MSRP of *$49.99* + s&h. Simply select the upgrade option and mention
> Promotion Code *PM2993 *if you call to order, or enter *PM2993* in the
> */Promotion Code/* field if you order on line at:
> www.undertowsoftware.com/purchase.htm
> <http://www.undertowsoftware.com/purchase.htm>
> The product was re-designed to extend its capabilities and be more
> user-friendly.
> ·High Precision map data based on the Tele Atlas’ Multinet North America
> Dataset, resulting in accurate, better-looking maps.
> ·Fully compatible with *PMapServer9* which makes it easy to interface the
> program with *UiView. *
> ·Enhanced Import capabilities, that allow the user to import data layers
> outside North America from other sources (MID/MIF and SHP/DBF formats,
> Image). "UIview users also now have access to the range of
> near-professional-level GIS features new in Precision Mapping 9.0. These
> include the ability to overlay mapping data in the ESRI ArcView .SHP and
> MapInfo .MIF formats, nearly universally used by all levels of government,
> onto UIview maps. Better yet, the latest update (service pack) for Precision
> Mapping 9.0 now makes exporting high-quality calibrated static (fixed) map
> images, in .GIF, .PNG or .BMP format, widely used by other APRS mapping
> programs, trivially simple."
> ·Brand New Trip Planner Interface that:
> -Accommodates multiple stop and via points
> -Supports layovers at user selected stop points - a must for longer trips
> -Allows the user to specify trip exclusion areas.Restrict travel through
> congested downtown areas, or any other area the user wants to avoid.
> -Calculates Elevation along the route and provide +/- 6% Grade warning
> -Allows the user to exclude travel on Parkways, through tunnels, on ferries,
> etc.
> -Tracks Gas, Meals and Lodging expenses
> -Allows different daily start and stop drive times for each segment of the
> trip and allows for rest breaks during the day
> ·Enhanced Import capabilities, that allow the user to import data layers
> from other sources (MID/MIF and SHP/DBF formats, Image) and alpha blend
> transparency of layers.
> ·Ability to automatically connect to the National Weather Station servers
> and download and display Doppler Radar Precipitation coverage bitmaps.
> ·User provided POIS (in standard CSV format) may now be imported and
> displayed on the map.Download one or more of hundreds of publicly available
> POI files, or even create your own POI file using a simple text editor.Also
> specify at what scale these POIs should be visible, at what scale to display
> any text and icons associated with them, etc.
> ·A much cleaner GPS interface that supports any standard NMEA GPS device
> connected through a USB port or a Bluetooth connection and using a virtual
> COM port, as well as the proprietary “Garmin USB” protocol connection.
> ·More bitmaps to select from the CAD toolbar, to mark your locations on the
> map.
> ·HiRes Shaded Relief Rendering of North America good to 5 mi scale.
> ·Auto-update checks the Undertow web site for new versions each time you run
> the program and lets you update your copy with a single click."
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