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[aprssig] FREQ Object Formats

la3qma at aprs.la la3qma at aprs.la
Mon May 7 21:02:46 UTC 2012

Quoting "Bob Bruninga" <bruninga at usna.edu>:

>> #2) best thing we can do is NOT TRANSMIT ANY OFFSETS IF THE OFFSET IS
>> This only works, IMHO, if there's a world-wide standard.
> But, it does *not* need to be worldwide.  It only needs to be LOCAL.  All
> radios sold in areas that have 600 KHz splits all do 600 KHz splits.  All
> radios sold in areas that do 500 KHz splits, do 500 KHz splits.  And QSY
> Tuning of an APRS radio to a local object is entirely a local process.

This only works if you have not modified the radio and/or that the  
user has not changed the default offset value in the menu on i.e an  

And for 70cm we have 2MHz in No(r)way so when you are on a visit you  
have to change the default repeater shift when staying here or all the  
70cm QSY information is useless.

Inserting the actual offset is a no brainer and the receiving part  
doesnt have to do anything other than set that offset.

;LA5BR    *111111z6024.76N/00521.64Er145.750MHz T097 -0600kHz
;LA7BR    *111111z6023.06N/00514.98Er434.700MHz T097 -2000kHz

This works for me on an modified TM-D710E and it should work on an A  
and K model to.

> If people simply followed the spec, everything would work.  And if Kenwood
> would implement standard +/- offsets on 70 cm then all our problems would go
> away.  Except for the MAJORITY of digipeater manually prepared frequency
> beacons that are incorrectly formatted.

Maybe but if you for some reason manually have set the offset to  
something else as in you have one repeater on 2MHz and one in 5MHz  
then the radio only use one of them. Also a modified TM-D710E to an A  
is also now introducing the wrong offset as default.

Why SkyCommand, Wireless, x-band , extended RX etc has to be different  
on an E, A and K model (Kenwood) i really don't understand with the  
exeption of the automatic repeater shift function.

To get a propper realtime whats happening around you i would say that  
the sender should dictate all the correct QSY information to the  
receving part and not assume that the receiving part has the correct  
offset etc in the radio.

So if my Kenwood is transmitting my QSY information it should get all  
the data stored on the current "MR" memory channel that i have stored  
or if i'm in VFO mode it should use actual data and not assume that if  
i'm within the repeater "band" that i actually have an offset as it  
could be that i'm on simplex on i.e the out frequency for some strange  

Kai Gunter

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