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[aprssig] FREQ Object Formats

la3qma at aprs.la la3qma at aprs.la
Mon May 7 21:51:14 UTC 2012

Quoting "Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr)" <ldeffenb at homeside.to>:

> On 5/7/2012 5:02 PM, la3qma at aprs.la wrote:
>> Inserting the actual offset is a no brainer and the receiving part   
>> doesnt have to do anything other than set that offset.
>> ;LA5BR    *111111z6024.76N/00521.64Er145.750MHz T097 -0600kHz
>> ;LA7BR    *111111z6023.06N/00514.98Er434.700MHz T097 -2000kHz
>> This works for me on an modified TM-D710E and it should work on an   
>> A and K model to.
> Are you sure the radio is actually using the -0600kHz part of that
> packet?  If you put in -0500kHz does it actually change the shift?
> Also, if you put -0505KHz, does it make a difference?  The spec only
> says -060 and I suspect the radio may be completely ignoring the 0kHz
> part of what you're transmitting.  Nice for human readability, but not
> part of the (current) standard.

;LA5BR    *111111z6024.76N/00521.64Er145.750MHz T097 -0505kHz
Gives me an offset of 0.500MHz and also change the step to 5kHz

;LA5BR    *111111z6024.76N/00521.64Er145.750MHz T097 -0515kHz
;LA5BR    *111111z6024.76N/00521.64Er145.750MHz T097 -0525kHz
Gives me an error and does not QSY

;LA5BR    *111111z6024.76N/00521.64Er145.750MHz T097 -0550kHz

;LA5BR    *111111z6024.76N/00521.64Er145.750MHz T097 -055

;LA5BR    *111111z6024.76N/00521.64Er145.750MHz T097 -05
Works but is "rounded" up to be 0.600MHz

Kai Gunter

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