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[aprssig] FREQ Object Formats

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon May 7 22:48:33 UTC 2012

>>> How often do you need to be told that on 70cm and 23cm
>>> there is nothing like standard +/- offsets, every
>>> country has their own standard and sometimes several in a single
>>> country.
>> That does not matter. I am talking about the standards BUILT INTO THE
>> RADIO.  If the radios in a given region have a STANDARD offset, then 
>> that is what is used.  If a country does not use the standard, then 
>> of course it does not apply and the actual offset must be included.

> But there never can be standards build into the radio for 
> 70cm and 23cm because those standards don't exist.

They do exist in the USA.  So where they exist, then I think they should be
used.  They do it for VHF in the USA, so why not for UHF.

> So you can push for kenwood and yeasu including some arbiturary 
> standard offsets and tell sysops to transmit only a + or - 

Just hold on.  NOWHERE is simply sending + or - a part of the FREQ spec.
Any packets that include that are not in accordance with the spec.

> but if yeasu picks +/-1.6 and kenwood picks +1.6/-7.6 then it still 
> won't work resulting in sysops going back to always include offset 
> frequentie or use the double frequentie objects.

Neither of those are part of the APRS FREQ SPEC.  Only +xxx or -xxx are part
of the APRS spec where xxx is in 10's of KHz.  The standard offset is used
IF AND ONLY IF, there is NO OFFSET data in the correct format in the packet.

Bob, Wb4APR

73 Andre PE1RDW

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