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[aprssig] FREQ Object Formats

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon May 7 22:59:52 UTC 2012

> Inserting the actual offset is a no brainer and the receiving 
> part  doesnt have to do anything other than set that offset.

;LA5BR    *111111z6024.76N/00521.64Er145.750MHz T097 -0600kHz
;LA7BR    *111111z6023.06N/00514.98Er434.700MHz T097 -2000kHz

> This works for me on an modified TM-D710E and it should work 
> on an A  and K model to.

But it is NOT IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE SPEC.  There is no guarantee it will
"work" on any other radio because it is not in accordance with the spec.  I
simply do not understand why this is so hard.  If one wants to include an
offset then do it in accordance with the spec.

Then we will not have ANY of these issues.  In the above cases, simply use
-060 and -200 and it will ALWAYS work, or the radio has a bug.

Bob, Wb4APR

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