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[aprssig] Yaesu FREQ OBJECT workaround

Dave Torrey kd8gbh at woodsidelane.net
Wed May 9 17:25:19 UTC 2012

Didn't see a reply on the 350 in particular, but I'll throw my two cents

I beacon two voice repeaters in our area, as such:

;146.88-UP*111111z4708.50N/08833.50Wr146.88 MHz T100 -060 http://ccraa.net
;147.315UP*111111z4722.25N/08810.25Wr147.315MHz T100 +060 http://kcra-mi.net

Both appear to QSY correctly on my FTM-350.  I should also mention that
I did the firmware update published by Yaesu when they came out with the
*AR version (June 2010?).

As mentioned in other posts, the radio *does* have to be in VFO mode.
If it beeps once, it worked.  Two short, lower-pitched beeps mean it
ignored or couldn't parse the packet.  In memory mode, it always beeped
twice for me.


On Wed, 2012-05-09 at 10:55 -0400, Bob Bruninga wrote:
> The workaround for the FTM-350 not properly parsing the QSY in an APRS FREQ
> OBJECT is suggested as follows:
> 1) Continune FREQ OBJECTS as before with Tnnn oXXX Rxxm... in the object
> text. (if oXXX is omitted, then radios will use standard offsets).
> 2) For the FTM-350, also include the FFF.FFFMHz in the DIGIPEATERS beacon
> text after the PHG data.  For example for WB4APR-1 digipeater, I might use:
> PHG1234/147.105MHz T107 +060 R20m AARC
> PHG1234/146.76 MHz T156 -060 R34m BRATS
> OPEN ISSUE:  Does the FTM-350 properly decode the FREQUENCY when the "/"
> separator is used after the PHG data???  Do the Kenwoods?  If not, do they
> work with a SPACE separator?  If not, then we have to run them together.
> This should work fine as a workaround since the FTM-350 has a wider display
> and even if the DIGIPEATER CALLSIGN is used, the radio will still display
> the FREQ on the front panel too.
> The only thing we lose in the original DIGI text was "W2, SSn-N " which by
> now, everyone should understand to limit their hops to 2 or less
> Bob, WB4aPR
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