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[aprssig] RV APRS and Dish TV

Bob K8YS k8ys at fuse.net
Fri May 11 01:31:39 UTC 2012

I too am a DirecTV subscriber. I connect the receiver to the internet as I
can whenever I'm in a park with free WiFi which is not that often.

I too do not know about Dish Network, BUT on DirecTV, you do not need a
phone line or internet connection.

On a semi-related subject (if RV TV is even included in APRS :)  
I was given a receiver and dish. I had to buy a new subscriber card
($25.00). I mounted the dish upside down and used PVC pipe for the base.
The LNB does not care if the dish is up or down, the angle is the same, but
the dish is more stable against wind... I also have an antenna on the roof,
but we always seem to park under trees so I can pull the portable dish out
into the clear.

Bob K8YS

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At 12:16 AM 5/9/2012, Bob Bruninga wrote:

>Does normal DISH TV work portable on an RV?  I see RV's with the 
>dishes, but the fine print in the adds imply that you must have a phone 
>line or internet connection too.

I am not a DISH subscriber, so I can't speak for their policies.

I am a DirecTV subscriber. Have been off and on since about 1996. My
receiver hasn't been connected to the Internet or a phone line for about a
year. The only "problem" is that I can't purchase movies or pay-per-view
sports events on the "on demand" channels using the receiver's remote


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