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[aprssig] legality of aprs on balloons under Part 97

Kris Kirby kris at catonic.us
Tue May 15 15:42:08 UTC 2012

On Sun, 13 May 2012, Steve Dimse wrote:
> Exactly. Every couple years this pops up like an APRS hemorrhoid. 
> Unattended trackers, weather stations, and the like are telemetry 
> stations, and therefore fully legal under FCC rules. For proof one 
> needs nothing more than to realize that APRS has been a wildly popular 
> part of ham radio for the last 15+ years, a time of increased FCC 
> scrutiny of the service, and there has never been an NAL issued.

What he said. 

It's telemetry. Or a beacon. Or a digital repeater. Or an auxiliary 

Either way, you're fine.

Kris Kirby, KE4AHR
Disinformation Analyst

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