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[aprssig] Digi int to rf

Eduardo Gomez López hk3pqi at gmail.com
Thu May 17 17:14:28 UTC 2012

Hi, right now I am running as Igate HK3PQI-10, all it's fine. The
problem is when any MSG incoming troughs the Internet my Igate out it
to rf but nothing decoding it. I have a th-d72a and nothing it listens
the packet sound but nothing happens and with the digis also nothing

I am running agwpe and UI-View32 on P4 with soundcard.

In igate.ini I setup HK*=recep
same with HJ,5K,5J.

I try to put HK*=ALL but is the same.

The MSG sended with my station works ok, the problem is with the
Internet MSG to rf local station. Please.


Eduardo Gómez L.
Editor conceptual de entretenimiento
Caracol Televisión

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