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[aprssig] BALDY APRS Station

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Mon May 21 17:59:58 UTC 2012

As a frequent "client" of the ORIGINAL (at least in time) BALDY and a
frequent "luker" here;  I think both John and Lyle have some good points.

Is there perhaps another way (Comment?) for INFRASTRUCTURE stations to
identify their location to folks with limited display width (ala HamHud or
Kenwoods)?    That might help address the issue; but at the same time one
could then use local filters to eliminate "noise" from DISTANT tactical

Other the other hand, there's still a potential issue here, particularly
if folks don't follow the right PATH rules.   I can easily see calls  like
"SAG" or "START" or "FINISH" being used by two groups within range of the
same mountaintop.  That would definitely cause chaos.

Perhaps some some sort of prefix could be added - ala SMSAG1, SMSTART, or
SMFIN (Seattle Marathon)?


> I repeat my original PS:
>> No, I'm not trying to start a flame war about Tactical station IDs.
>>  I'm just trying to help the collisions get sorted out as I notice them.
> On 5/21/2012 9:11 AM, John Gorkos wrote:
>> A considerate APRS manager would include RFONLY or NOGATE in the path
>> of all tactical stations.
> Actually, that choice alienates a bunch of hams assisting with an event
> that may not have APRS RF capability but COULD remain aware of the
> overall situation via an APRS-IS client filtered to the local area to
> avoid any potential interference from duplicate tactical calls.  You
> might as well keep all your packets 7 bytes shorter (the length of a
> path component in the AX.25 header) and let the APRS-IS do whatever it
> wills with the tactically-named stations' packets.
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>> John Gorkos
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