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[aprssig] APRS and dstar (why)

Michael Carey michaelcarey at internode.on.net
Mon May 28 21:15:03 UTC 2012

It depends...

Most of the D-Star "HotSpot" software will also directly connect to the 
APRS-IS system and gate GPS info from D-Star mobiles/handhelds, even 
when not connected to any other D-Star gateway/reflector.

You can also get a variation of the uSmartDigi daughter board for the 
TNC-X which will take the GPS data received from a D-Star DV stream and 
then translate it directly to a "proper" APRS frame transmitted on the 
appropriate frequency... no internet needed for this.  Positions from 
GPS equipped D-Star radios will "pop up" on the APRS channel.  This is 
still only one way... D-Star -> APRS, and only for GPS transmissions.


On 29/05/2012 04:00, Bob Burns W9RXR wrote:
> At 02:29 PM 5/27/2012, Amateur Radio WB8NUT wrote:
>> It has GPS built-in, no programming required and every time I 
>> transmit, my position goes to the APRS network.
> APRS network? No, it goes to the Internet-based DStar network and it 
> is eventually gated to the Internet-based APRS-IS server network. Your 
> position does not appear on the RF-based APRS network. You could be 
> sitting next to me sending your position with your DStar radio, but it 
> would never show up on my APRS radio unless some reverse IGate in my 
> area chose to start porting DStar position reports from the APRS-IS to 
> RF.
> I am not anti-DStar because so many of its "cool features" are 
> Internet based. But, I am anti-DStar because many communities already 
> have perfectly workable APRS RF networks in place. I can see the 
> positions of local APRS users on my radio, but I can't see the 
> positions of local DStar users.
> Bob...
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