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[aprssig] Geiger counter mobile from Indiana to Tennessee

joe jesson jjesson at voyager.net
Wed Oct 10 21:46:48 UTC 2012

  A Cheaper option is to take a selected photodiode, or power transistor, shield it from light, amplify, detect and display and you have a very low-cost alpha, beta, and gamma RAD display.   

Elektor has published an excellent series of articles on this and sells a kit and I have a commercial cell/sat-based solution to sensing RAD on a mobile asset.  APRS is a GREAT emergency backup to sensing radiation! 

 I will post links if interested.  Also look at the 1,000's of RAD sensors on the COSM network and see what the Japanese engineers have done as a response to the nuclear disaster. What we learned from this crisis is not to trust you government! 

Joe Jesson

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