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[aprssig] Geiger counter mobile from Indiana to Tennessee

david vanhorn kc6ete at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 23:09:27 UTC 2012

> But the "detector surface area is microscopic compared to the huge volume
> of a geiger tube.  More like a thousand to 1?  Meaning for every ray you
> detect,  you miss a thousand that do not even pass through the PN
> junction?

They really aren't all that sensitive. The uninvolved area of the diode
presents as a capacitance that lowers the sensitivity.
I've done radiation sensing with Aptina imagers, but we had to  get to
about 20millirad before we got enough speckles to notice.

Scintillation plastic is another method that's very hackable, and it does
give you a large sensing volume.
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