[aprssig] are write-only APRS-IS clients valid?

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Mon Dec 2 14:05:02 CST 2013

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> From the discussion so far, I gather that this is not the case, and that the
> server maintains some sort of most-recently-heard list.  If it's using that list to
> choose a single igate by which to route messages back to stations, then I'd
> argue it isn't quite literally in keeping with the description quoted above.

The statement implies there is a "recently heard" list for every client because it wouldn't otherwise know if a station was heard via that client.  The statement is not a "how to implement" statement, it describes what a client receives via a limited feed port.  The server does not maintain a single list for the server, it maintains a list for each client independently.  As I stated, the RX-only breaks messaging if it is either the only station gating to APRS-IS a particular RF station or if the common implementation of an IGate with integral server is deployed in the same area.  And, yes, this configuration accounts for most of the hundreds of javAPRSrvr installations.  The statement is very accurate in what is delivered to the client attached to a server but you must remember, that server must be able to see all as well which is not the case in most IGate/integral server implementations.


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