[aprssig] Space Weather Data Type

Mike GM1WKR gm1wkr at gmail.com
Mon Dec 2 18:17:18 CST 2013


If I want to send Space Weather on local RF do I use the "." (period) data
type and, if so, is there a format defined?

If not, should I arbitrarily construct a format to be sent as an

Page 17 (PDF v 1.0.1) of the Protocol Reference says 'reserved'.  I've
looked at http://www.aprs.org/aprs12.html and searched but don't see any
update to 1.0.1

I am assuming 'space weather' to be current observations (SFI, Ap, Kp,
Speed, Density, Bz, Bt) and not space weather Alerts, am I correct in that?

Would hourly transmission to RF be suitable/advisable?  (I'm keen to hear
opinions on whether this is useful data at all)

Am I also right in thinking I should add RFONLY (keep off APRS-IS)

Sorry for the Question Bomb!

Thanks and 73,
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