[aprssig] are new symbols intended to be supported yet?

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Then we have an inconsistency between the spec on Bob's website and current usage, which needs to be resolved. I didn't make "arbitrary" changes to the symbol set; I did what was documented in his symbols-new.txt file.

Does seem kind of odd that D-star gateways would use the symbol defined for ARES when there is a gateway symbol defined (generally used for I-gates, although there is are multiple other D-Star gateways in my area using the gateway symbol with D overlay [ex: KC2QVT-B, less than a mile from the red diamond gateway I mentioned previously]).

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Not an error.  That symbol for D-STAR repeater objects has been in use for years and is currently in place on over 500 repeater systems worldwide.  This is in accordance with prior symbol use (for instance, Wa is the symbol for a Winlink packet station object).

This will always be an issue with any "replacement" of the spec with arbitrary changes.


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> It seems that some of the users in my local area are using the red diamond
> symbol (\a) instead of the black diamond symbol (\&) for D-Star repeaters,
> using a 'D' overlay. This looks funny, because the new symbols specify 'Da' as
> the code for Dutch ARES (versus '\a' for US ARES). Example: KC2TXX B at 39
> 42.40N 075 07.36W
> Presumably, this is an error on their part (they should be using the Gateway
> symbol with overlay, not the ARES symbol with overlay), but how pervasive is
> this error? Should I be supporting new symbols yet? Or are new symbols not
> approved yet, but just an idea to toss around until a consensus is reached?
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