[aprssig] New findU server

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Wed Dec 4 09:00:46 CST 2013

I have a brand-spanking new server in place at my colo site. It has been running for about a week so there is enough data on it to make it useful. Towards the start of next week it will become the primary findU server. Until then it can be accessed as www3.findu.com. If you do anything unusual with findU it would be wise to make sure your function works on the new machine before the old one goes away. I think I have everything in place, but findU is hundreds of little pieces and it is easy to miss a few.

One example, if you have a long track you might want to pull of images of it like my corner-to-corner travels before it goes away


As with all new computers this one is faster, and has more memory and disk space. One feature for I’ve been forced to decrease support over the years was the weather archive feature. These huge yearly tables were the first to get dropped as the live database expanded. The new server has enough space that the old tables are back online. Every weather report seen by findU in its nearly 14 years (a total of 4,246,697,581 through Nov 30!) can again be accessed. For example, here is the weather at my house (up until the internet failed) as Hurricane Wilma approached my home.


If you have interesting weather events in the past to share email the URL to me and I’ll compile a list.

During the transition, or really anytime, if you see anything wrong on findu, ariss.net, etc. please let me know right away. I’d rather get fifty emails than none!

Thanks, Steve

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