[aprssig] Beta Testers Wanted for New Mac APRS App

Gregory A. Carter gcarter at openaprs.net
Tue Dec 10 08:21:12 CST 2013

I am looking for a couple of folks who are fluent in APRS, understand
APRS-IS and hardware and own a Mac with Mavericks and preferably a USB GPS
and USB serial port who are interested in being beta testers for a new Mac
APRS app.

If you're interested and are familiar with software process, able to make
good bug reports please contact me off list and we'll see if it is a good
fit. The benefit will be receiving beta builds and FREE release versions of
the app as it will be in the Apple app store and the ability to shape an
APRS app designed specifically for Mac using OSM maps AND Apple maps.


OpenAPRS iPhone Edition
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