[aprssig] APDST9 Application Identifier?

Steve Daniels steve at daniels270.eclipse.co.uk
Wed Dec 11 12:50:45 CST 2013

If it's any help that callsign is currently flying a balloon

144.010 MHz USB + APRS SP9UOB-11

Showing as SP8UOB in the habitat database


If it's any help that callsign is flying a balloon at present

144.010 MHz USB + APRS SP9UOB-11 showing as SP9UOB in the habitat database

Most likely he can be contacted on the UKHAS chat system



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Lynn KJ4ERJ wrote.

Does anyone know what generates >APDST9 packets?

According to aprs.fi.

Device: SP9UOB: dsTracker version 9

See Tomasz SP9UOB


73 Keith VE7GDH



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