[aprssig] Army-Navy Football

AA3JY at Winlink.org AA3JY at Winlink.org
Thu Dec 12 10:14:11 CST 2013

"If my side had lost 11 years in a row, I don?t think I?d be calling the other side wimps! I mean, there are majors that have never seen an Army win! But I suppose sooner or later you have to get lucky, maybe this will be your year. But probably not until there are generals that haven?t seen an Army win."

My original post referred to the original run by a few Middies..one or two where Amateur licensed.. from 'Canoe U' to Philly..at one time this run took from Fri. 'till Sunday to complete.. Now chauffered, either in part or all, door-to-door by support vans...

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