[aprssig] Army-Navy Football (Lynn?)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Dec 12 12:36:12 CST 2013

> My original post referred to the original run by a few Mids...
> Now chauffered, either in part or all, door-to-door by support vans...

The football is typically run the 128 miles with each pair of midshipman
running 2 miles each.  Starts at Noon Friday (tomorrow) and arrival in the
early AM.

New topic:   Lynn,

Can you write a ditty that will automatically generate an APRS-IS object
named FBALL on top of every posit that comes in from USNA1.

Reason being, that we can tell everyone to just search with
http://aprs.fi/usna* with no other guidance.  Otherwise, we have to tell
them all how to  search for FBALL to find the ball and USNA* to find the
chase vehicles.  Hummh... but then if the vans swap, then I have to ask
you to change the ditty...

Maybe not worth the trouble?   We try to get them to keep the SAME van
always with the ball, but in the heat of the night, sometimes they forget
and then we have the van with the callsign FBALL running all over the
place at 70 MPH back and forth.

Asking mids to change the calls in the field is assured to mess everything
up quickly.


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