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	I was postulating each message, not each packet within a
message, such provides a way of tracking a message were it to go

	Now that I pause and reflect it is so tagged already as
a "hop".

	Sigh ... should not have typed so quickly ... sorry.


> No, it isn’t ridiculous. The APRS-IS lies completely outside FCC Part
> 97 jurisdiction. But even if we were talking about the RF side, there
> is no requirement to append the callsign to every outgoing packet. In
> practice messages from RF do have the transmitting IGate’s callsign
> because they are sent with the third party format, but that is a
> design decision, not one done to meet rules. Still every day millions
> of transmissions are relayed on RF without the callsign of the
> relayer attached to each message, in full compliance with FCC rules.
> Every time you talk on a repeater your “messages” are relayed without
> the repeater callsign attached to each message. The repeater must
> identify itself every 10 minutes by rule, not with every message. The
> same thing applies to the digipeaters - every 10 minutes, not every
> packet.
> To propose the APRS-IS follow stricter requirements than RF is what I
> think is ridiculous, especially when the goal is to get APRS to do
> something it wasn’t designed to do, and cannot accomplish even with
> the change.
> Steve K4HG


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