[aprssig] IGate weirdness

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Fri Dec 20 13:36:28 CST 2013

We have a PASSALL digi issue somewhere north of the Keys that has been pretty bad as witnessed by


so I don’t get too surprised when some of my calls end up mangled on the APRS IS, but this one did surprise me


K4HG-2 is xastir running on a RPi to send my weather data. It is internet onlyso I don’t expect it to be digi mangled. It also only connects to first, its packets on the APRS IS look like


So I’m really curious to see how this mangled version ended up being put into the APRS-IS by VA2PHL, labeled as having been seen on RF there. Anyone from the VA2 local area know if someone is sending internet data to RF? I don’t think that is the answer though.

There is a lot of mangling near VA2PHL as evidenced by


One of those is especially odd 

KE2VL-9>VE3WCC-1,TA2PHL,APX200,qAR,VA2PHL:!4535.00N/07523.60W& Linux APRSd Server

Which makes me thing something inside VA2PHL’s IGate is doing some of the mangling, perhaps grafting front and back halves of packets onto each other. But to make the V2HG-2 packet would take chopping in three places. Any ideas?

Steve K4HG

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