[aprssig] 1200 vs 9600 baud

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
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Are there any components of ADS-B that might be transferable to a 
totally "new", UHF APRS system. We recognised years ago that ax25 has 
severe limitations and that better systems exist. Whilst we'll never 
change ax25 and 1k2 aprs it should be possible to devise an alternative 
network using new protocols to which users can migrate over a period of 

My $0.02 worth


On 21/12/13 14:24, Andrew Rich wrote:
> Been thinking about this for a while
> I thought 9k6 was less reliable.
> Wouldnt you be better off going like FL-DIGI ?
> Fast RTTY
> - Andrew -
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