[aprssig] TM-V7A on APRS Was: I give up

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Sat Dec 21 14:21:47 CST 2013

I'm usually the one fixing subjects for other hijacked threads -
sorry I didn't here - I'll blame the flu!  ;-(

I've had my DR-135 sitting here as a digipeater with a rarely
used 2/440 rig next to it. I decided that the 2/440 can handle
dual-duty and the DR-135 can be sold.

I'd like to also be able to experiment with text messages via
APRS, the V7A can do 9600 on 440, and I'm testing mobilinkd.com
with my Android phone & handheld 2/440 - so a working base APRS
rig is handy for that as well.

I'm told that others use a V7A for APRS without trouble.

BTW: Curiously, the V7A display shows APRS when connected to
the Tracker 3/OT3m.

> If you are going to hijack the thread, please change the subject.
> The Kenwood TM-V7A is not an APRS radio, so it has no APRS settings.
> If you truly have an ARPS radio, such as the Kenwood TH-D7, TH-D72,
> TM-D700, or TM-D710, all of which have an internal TNC and APRS
> firmware, what is your purpose for connecting it to an Argent Data
> OT3m?
> Bob...


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