[aprssig] [APRS] Objects with 111111z timestamps

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Dec 30 11:40:17 CST 2013

Knee Jerk Opinion:

My opinion is that there is only one xxxxx named object (station) in the
system and it is replaced with the latest heard always.  The permanence of
111111z does not mean “permanence” as in not replaceable, but as in, it can
remain in the system as long as needed until replaced by anything else of
the same name.

2nd opinion:

But then I read my own writing in the second sentence and see that I
disagree with myself.  Not sure why I opined as such in the original
document.  Seems reasonable to me that anyone should be able to update a
same named  1111111 object in keeping with the intent of APRS to allow
anyone to provide new relevant data.  If others agree, I will REMOVE the
second sentence in the below document (though I have a nagging feeling it
was put in there after the fact for a specific purpose.).


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Hi folks,

I came across this in document http://www.aprs.org/info/object-perm.txt

“OBJECTS: use the unique 111111z timestamp to indicate permanence

The 111111z time stamp has always been recommended for all timeless

objects as a default to indicate to the viewer that this object time

stamp carries no temporal value.  Therefore, it was a reasonable

extension of this concept to declare that a 111111z object is permanent

and should not be overwritten by any other identically named object

UNLESS it is originated by the same transmitting station.”

Although it does not explicitly state this, I read this as meaning if I
receive an object with the same name as an existing one, with a 111111z
timestamp but reported by a different station, I should keep both, and
display them both.

Is this a correct interpretation, and how to other software writers handle


John G8BPQ


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