[aprssig] T3-Micro released

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Jul 1 14:48:38 CDT 2013

> This sounds really cool.    I assume the TRRS connections mean RX audio,
> TX audio, PTT, and GND/Common.     Is there no provision for COR/Carrier
> detect as one might get from the standard 6-pin mini-DIN data port?   Or
> does this device do CD in software with no hardware connection needed?

That's all correct - it'll operate in energy detect or software DCD 
mode, detecting either any noise or just AFSK data.

> Am I correct in assuming that this device can run independently from a
> PC, using the USB port exclusively for 5 VDC power input, after using a
> PC connection to configure it?

Right.  A cigarette lighter adapter or USB battery pack will do it.


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