[aprssig] APRS Golden Packet Shack-Potato needed.

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jul 10 15:51:11 CDT 2013

We need a multitalented APRS Shack-Potato for the Golden Packet Attempt on
20 July.

This is someone to act as "Net Control" from their shack, available
probably 9 AM to 1700 in or near his shack operating APRS on the Internet
and maintaining comms by all means possible with the teams.  This means
live on the APRS-IS and by phone and whatever other means may be needed.
He does not need RF connectivity to the event, so he can be anywhere in
the country (Though eastcoast is probably desired).

This shack potato keeps the BIG PICTURE of what is going on while the
teams are all out climbing their mountains. He is the only person that can
keep track of everyone in such a dynamic situation.  His telephone is
valuable for people to call in and make reports and find out what is going

In the past, this was handled by  Lynn, KJ4ERJ (APRSISCE), but he is gone
that day ;-(

Echolink connectivity would be nice too...

Bob, WB4aPR

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