[aprssig] Balloon Launch Thursday maybe 10 AM

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Thu Jul 18 16:43:41 CDT 2013

I am new to balloon launching. But, I have had good luck with a transmitter made from Big Red Bee. It did not work over 40,000 feet the first time. The second time it worked to 90,000 feet. That is when the balloon burst. I have two launches and was able to retrieve latter with in 10 feet of transmition. We also have a spot locater as a back-up.  Are balloon launches lasted 4 hours and went over 200 miles. Last one are data sead we reached 90,000 feet. I think we will add more helium to make the flight shorter.

Good luck.


KF7ZFJRobert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:Launch from Lancaster PA, mild winds.
Should go up to 100k feet and then come down not far from launch.  Be heard across 15 states.
Though it is a non high altitude GPS and FIX will be stuck above 18k feet until it comes back down.
Callsign is W3ADO-11 and it will be on 144.39
If anyone KNOWS that a Tinytrack3 and GPS2 from Byonics will *not* re-aquire when it comes back below 18k feet please let us know NOW.
Thanks  The rest of the payload costs $10,000 and we don’t want to lose it.  It is a different schools project that noone else can access, so I wont bother with details.
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