[aprssig] Audio Feedback for APRS Packets and Messages on the TH-D72

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jul 24 14:48:28 CDT 2013

The most important thing to realize is that if you can hit TWO digipeaters,
then the chance is very high that you will NOT get a “MY PACKET” display
since both of those digis will BOTH digipeate your packet at the same time
and you will always get a collision.

But this is very easy to know.  Just –listen- to the APRS channel.  If you
hear an immediate digipeat of your packet and the noise is strong (even if
it is a cgarbled collision) then you know it got out even though you will
not decode it.

Expecting to see MY PACKET will rarely ever work, unless you are only in
range of a single digi.

Hope that helps.

I never depend on “my packet” to know how the channel is working.  I depend
on what I see on the signal strength display and what I hear.


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*Subject:* Audio Feedback for APRS Packets and Messages on the TH-D72

I was on two Summits On The Air climbs recently and I was trying to get
spot information posted via APRS regarding my operational parameters:
frequency and mode.  When I sent regular APRS packets with the current info
in Status Text as well as messages sent to SOTA, I very seldom got the
two-tone audio feedback that they had been received by an I-Gate, so I kept
sending them.  When I got home I found that a large number of my packets
and messages had, indeed, been successful in getting into the system, so
most of those repeats were not necessary.  Is there some parameter I need
to change on my TH-D72 so that I get feedback on APRS packets and messages
which succeed in entering the APRS web system?
Thanks and 73,
Bruce Prior N7RR

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