[aprssig] RFM Xcvr chips for cheap FM voice?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jun 20 12:01:14 CDT 2013

Has anyone hooked up an amplified speaker to the output of one of these
Argent Data Systems RFM12BP 500mW Data Transceiver - 433 MHz and talked to
it in FM voice?

The idea of a postage stamp 70cm voice transceiver can have some ham radio
uses I think.

It is FM so why wouldn't it work for sound unless the data inputs and
outputs are hard limited and driven into a data-limitesr before the input
and output.

It has a lot of pins.  I wonder if any of them give access to the analog

These are common RFM chips, but Argent Data's is a high power one (0.5W).



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