[aprssig] Lead

Perry Chamberlain canoeman at qnet.com
Sun Jun 23 12:47:29 CDT 2013

Oh my , thats a lot of lead, but I did notice you both live in republican elected states.
So there might be somthing to  lead exposure.

Boy, could not  resist that one.  :-)

I have to have a exhaust vent on my bench, because if I solder for a long time, I actually get welders flu.
It was scary at first, uncontollable shivering, tremors,  high fever, incredible night sweats.
After the first few times, of suffering through those terrble nights, I run high power exhaust unit,  thats always on  when working circuits. Its a 6 inch duct, with flex hose end, to move close to work, and it  empties outside
It also happened, when I would be using exothermic welding shots with graphite molds, for connecting large power ground grids, and loops in high voltage construction projects. Worse when firing off the welds, in large under ground vaults. Light, and run like hell,  for the ladder on,  with a respirator on.


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