[aprssig] Debugging APRS digis

Tony VE6MVP tony at ve6mvp.com
Sun Jun 23 19:35:22 CDT 2013


So here in Alberta we use AB as the province wide path.  I just 
happened to notice our SECs packets weren't being digipeated by a 
digi when he was within a few kms.   I poked about and realized the 
SEC was using AB7-7 in his path and the digi wasn't seeing 
them.  However other digis 60 and 80 kms away did see his 
packets.   From that location he must be using an 50 watt amp to get 
his packets out.

This particular digi as been on air for less than a week.   We know 
of at least one other digi that didn't support the AB path.

My point being that if you depend on the province/state path to work 
you might want to test it too every once in a while.  I'm tempted, 
when in a new area or one I haven't been to for a year or more, to 
run AB2-2 just to see what happens.  <smile>

BTW they are adding some stations to the province wide UHF linking 
system in support of flooding in Medicine Hat, Alberta.  These 
additions had been planned for some time now.   They're just being 
done in a hurry.

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