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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jun 24 11:33:13 CDT 2013

Yes, it just shows you how much APRS is ignored as an actual communications
system for ham radio and has devolved into just a bunch of people playing
with GPS.  I’m amazed that even those people going to and from Field Day
did not even make an APRS contact with other APRS players (even if they
don’t set up a site).  For the effort of entering  11 letters, they could
have communicated to every other APRS operator in the world. (CQSRVR and CQ

Well, the good  news.  At least 14 diehards will be on top of the
Appalachian chain in 4 weeks playing die-hard APRS COMMUNICATIONS in our
Golden Packet Event.

But again, it is amazing that no one else in the Rockies or Pacific
mountain ranges have taken an interest in getting outdoors an playing radio
on the mountains and trying to do the same along the Continental divide or
pacifc trail.

This web page still shows 2012, but we are fully preparing and ready for
2013.  It will be updated as soon as I resolve my FTP problems with my
webage currently blocking me from access.  We have volunteers at all sites,
I think…



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Hi, Bob. You wrote:

> I am absolutely astounded that out of 15,000 APRS hams in the USA, only
> of us used the CQ FD server.

WOW, Really? only 10?? That means with one call, I worked or saw 50%. I
wasn't even sure I had it right, since I didn't print-out Bob's earlier
posting about CQ FD. One of the stations who returned my CQ was WB4APR.
That made for several "Hey, guess who I just worked?" conversations around
the lunch table. (BTW, the Barry Amateur Radio Association is noted for our
great field day chow) Being ever the devious rascal, I would begin the
conversation by tossing out the call WB4APR and see who recognized it.
Several did. One Ham said that the last time he played with APRS, Bob was
drawing the maps.

I had the APRS station running most of the day on Sat., under my own call,
rather than the club's. I am sure the club call doesn't have an APRS-IS
passcode and, although I was RF only, I suspect that matters. By having the
station running all day, I think i was able to generate a little interest
among the club members. We shall have to wait and see if that blossoms into
more APRS activity locally. One member stated that he wasn't interested in
"driving around with a little green dot following me". I suspect his
experience with APRS is not recent. Oddly, he seemed to have no problem
with carrying a cell phone.

I must have had fun at field day, it's Monday and I'm pooped.

73, KC8SFQ  Ron
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