[aprssig] APRS Golden Packet 2013

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jun 24 11:44:48 CDT 2013

APRS Golden Packet:

Tim, KA1YBS is going to hike another mile straight-up to man Mt Katahdyn
in Maine again this year for the annual APRS Golden Packet Event.  He and
at least 14 diehards will be on top of the Appalachian chain in 4 weeks
playing die-hard APRS COMMUNICATIONS in our Golden Packet Event.

Remember folks in the Rockies or Pacific mountain ranges can also organize
getting outdoors an playing radio on the mountains and trying to do the
same along the Continental divide or pacifc trail.  We think Mexico to
Canada is possible in only 10 hops using the higher mountains out there.

My web page has not been updated because  I am having FTP problems with my
webage currently blocking me from access.  But we have volunteers at all
sites, I think.


We do need backups of course, since one no-show will break the entire
Join the pre-event chatter on the at-golden-packet at yahoogroups.com


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