[aprssig] APRS-B?

PE1RDW aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Mon Jun 24 12:12:24 CDT 2013

Region 1 already has 2 frequenties set aside for aprs on 70 cm, 430.5125  
and 432.500, if you wish to use a frequentie that is the same in the whole  
world it would be smart to pick one of these, in the netherlands most  
trafic is on 430.5125 in 1200 baud leaving the newer 432.500 for faster  

73 Andre PE1RDW

On Mon, 24 Jun 2013 16:55:52 +0200, Thomas Krahn <thomas at tkrahn.com> wrote:

> Bob,
> Maybe he first thing is to standardize a "APRS-B" frequency in the 70cm
> band and a deviation that is compatible with the amateur radio
> regulations in most countries. I have send you a proposal several month
> ago for 432.900 MHz and I'd be interested what you and others think
> about that.
> Thomas
> On 06/24/2013 07:54 AM, Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> I'm impressed with the 500 mw transceivers on 433 MHz costing $20 or
>> so and operating at 9600 baud.
>> Why don't we call this APRS-B (plan B).  And start paralleling our
>> network with these devices.
>> Then instead of only 5% of hams having APRS capability, we could get
>> more people in the clubs to own a device and also to put one up at
>> home so we have a backup data channel as well?
>> Maybe lots of you are doing this alrady and I am the last one to the
>> party.  But whatever we do, lets standardize on something so we are
>> all headed in the same direction.
>> These are wideband devices, so they are not compatible with any
>> existing APRS or other ham FM radios.  That is why it is a fresh
>> start.  What is the sync and key up time?
>> Sure the range of 500mw is small, but at only 10% of the cost of a
>> digi we can put them at more and closer places and even solar power  
>> them.
>> Bob, WB4APR
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