[aprssig] APRS-B?

Thomas Krahn thomas at tkrahn.com
Mon Jun 24 13:06:35 CDT 2013


I'd be personally happy with 432.500 MHz. Not much traffic there in the 
US and Canada and I don't know about a group that claims that frequency.
However according to http://www.hamradio.lt/bp-432.htm in IARU Region 1 
is claimed for SSTV and linear transponder input. Don't know how 
reliable that source is though.

In Australia 432.400 .. 432.600 is beacon range. Not sure if an APRS 
tracker counts as a beacon?
In New Zealand 432.5 seems to be the FM calling frequency.

My thoughts on 432.900 MHz was because that beacon region is supposed to 
be moved in the UK soon and it is close enough to the ISM range so that 
most cheap RF chips can be used. It's outside the ISM range though which 
means less interference in both directions.

I've heard that there is some APRS traffic on 70cms in China which I'd 
like to hear more about, but I guess that regulations forbid operation 
in China for most of us on this list anyways. Any clues about Japan, 
South Korea etc.?


On 06/24/2013 12:12 PM, PE1RDW wrote:
> Region 1 already has 2 frequenties set aside for aprs on 70 cm,
> 430.5125 and 432.500, if you wish to use a frequentie that is the same
> in the whole world it would be smart to pick one of these, in the
> netherlands most trafic is on 430.5125 in 1200 baud leaving the newer
> 432.500 for faster aprs.

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