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Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Fri Jun 14 11:29:05 CDT 2013

* Heikki Hannikainen <hessu at hes.iki.fi> [2013-06-14 18:00]:
> I'd guess it'd be possible to put together a ~$100 class TNC / radio
> interface kit with a Raspberry Pi-type Linux board ($25 for model A,
> single USB) + WiFi ($20 USB stick?) + TNC-Pi
> (http://www.tnc-x.com/TNCPi.htm $40) + preconfigured Linux on a small
> flash card. That could make the TNC available to any WiFi client on
> the same network, or act as an access point in a mobile setup.

There is also the Piglet (formerly Pigtail) by Pignology, a
WiFi-to-RS232 bridge device that you can connect to a TNC:


The piglet can be used on iOS as well as on Android (the HamLog app is
made to interface with it, and a custom-made version of APRSdroid is
available on request).

[iOS developing costs]
> I'd call them a minor obstacle, honestly. The major obstacle is the
> time and effort it takes to produce a quality application in a niche
> field like APRS (on any platform).

I can only second that. "iOS support" is certainly the most asked-for
feature request for APRSdroid, however one I do not have time to work
on. I would be really glad to provide you folks with a nice and useful
APRS app, but the fastest way there is probably to find an experienced
iOS developer and collaborate (if you are/know one, contact me off-list

73 de Georg DO1GL
APRSdroid - Open Source APRS Client for Android ++ http://aprsdroid.org/m
     ++ https://market.android.com/details?id=org.aprsdroid.app ++
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