[aprssig] Bluetooth to Serial

Tony VE6MVP tony at ve6mvp.com
Fri Jun 14 14:18:48 CDT 2013

At 09:14 PM 2013-06-13, Fredric Moses wrote:
 >I just used a bluetooth to serial module on the TNC in the radio van
 >here for the bikeMS event last weekend...
 > I found them on ebay.. paid 20bucks for them...

Ahhh, those sound like the unit I purchased for about the same 
price.    Any tips or hints on getting those working?  I haven't yet 
tried much other than just plugging it in and powering it on which 
didn't work.

I'd love to get APRSDroid working with those.   And mount my 10" 
Android tablet in the vehicle so I can monitor my engine, use 
RepeaterBook to see nearby repeaters, APRSDroid for nearby packet 
activity and messaging and OSM maps.   Not while I'm driving of 
course.  <smile>

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