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Mon Jun 24 23:14:13 CDT 2013

Good question, Ron.  CQSRVR allows a relatively unlimited number of group names (and therefore groups).  Quite often, there is a CQ group with one or more people in it (CQ CQ).  The instructions for CQSRVR can be found at http://www.aprs-is.net/CQSrvr.aspx  There are a number of commands including the general query to find out what groups already exist.  No group is exclusive and a group only exists for as long as someone has joined/created it.

I know it isn't a finite answer but I would encourage people to use it to make world-wide contacts on APRS.  Maybe CQ CQ would be a good generic group and then you can have "special interest" groups, as well.

Have fun!


Pete Loveall AE5PL
pete at ae5pl dot net

PS: if you send a directed query of ?PING? or ?APRST to CQSRVR, it will respond with the path it saw your message via.  This will tell you what IGate gated the packet that CQSRVR saw from you in case you are curious (it will follow the qAR construct).

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> That brings up another question....CQ FD gets those wanting to play, on
> those two days. What would be a good thing for the other 363 days of the
> year? CQ RAGCHEW? (or would that be a keyboard munch?). But seriously,
> How would you recommend starting the conversation?
> 73, KC8SFQ, Ron

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