[aprssig] Msg reply path

Tony VE6MVP tony at ve6mvp.com
Sun Oct 6 21:42:38 CDT 2013

At 02:22 PM 2013-10-06, Andrew P. wrote:
 >I understand what a SS7-3 would do, but why not use a SS3-3 to begin
 >with? That's why I was asking whether a digi repeating SS7 should also
 >repeat SS6, SS5, etc.

I've never configured a digi so I'm not at all sure of the 
details.  However one explanation given to me was that WIDE1 is a 
different setting than WIDE2 inside the digis and needs to be setup 
differently.  So , assuming my understanding is correct, you might 
only want to setup SS7.  If you wanted to setup SS6 and SS5 those 
would be additional paths setup inside the digi.

But I sure could be wrong.

Hmm, and indeed James VE6SRV had to manually configure the LLOYD digi 
to support SK for Saskatchewan prefix in addition to the already configured AB.

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