[aprssig] New Version .49 of UZ7HO Soundmodem Released

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Sun Sep 1 12:31:39 CDT 2013

A new version .49b of the excellent "UZ7HO Soundmodem" soundcard soft TNC has 
been released as of 29 Aug 2013.

As usual, it can be downloaded from my website at:


Scroll about 3/4ths of the way down the list of downloadable stuff and look for 
  "UZ7HO-Soundmodem-Install-Ver-0.49-Beta.exe".    Note that unlike the version 
on Andrei's own website at:


that is a single .EXE file contained in a zipfile, the package on my site is a 
full-blown Windows "wizard"-type installer that automatically creates a program 
folder, entries in the Windows Start Menu, and includes several readme files 
and a User Manual in .PDF form.

Some of the change log entries for the last several versions:

SCM v0.49b changes:
- Improved RX-part of the modem (improved ATC and added interpolation)
- Improved DCD for 1200 and 2400 bauds
- Fixed some bugs in the AX.25 L2-layer protocol
- Expanded features for non-standard AX.25 frames for SAT-operations.
- Version number now displayed in title bar

SCM v0.45b changes:
- Added "6dB Pre-Emphasis filter" option.
   Pre-Emphasis filter it's a high-pass filter that emphasizes the high
   frequencies in the audio spectrum. Preemphasis increases the level of
   high frequencies by 6dB per octave. It might help to receive signals
   at 1200 and 2400 bauds if the frequency response of the receiver is not
   a "flat".
- Added "UTCTime" option for indicate the time in UTC format. (1=On / 0=Off)
- Added "NRMonitorLines" option for limit number of lines "Monitor" window 
- Improved compatibility with the AGWPE and MixW AX.25 Protocol (reduction of 
REJ collisions)
   and fixed some small bugs.

SCM v0.44b changes:
- Added "ExcludeCallsigns", "ExcludeAPRSFrmType" options for blocking unwanted 
- Changed sound output in the SCO mode (now works in mono).
- By default, software is configured for single port.
- Added 2400 baud modem in the list.

SCM v0.43b changes:
- Some changes in L2-protocol

SCM v0.42b changes:
- Fixed bug for outgoing connection with unregistered callsigns.
- Added color monitor.
- Changed AX.25 parameters in INI file for each channel.

SCM v0.41b changes:
- improved control of DCD.

SCM v0.40b changes:
- Fixed bug in SABM and DM frames.
- Modified format of the frames for AGW monitor (more compatible with original 


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