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Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 1 21:12:37 CDT 2013

  I've been lucky untill now regarding this computer being very stable and not being required to fiddle with stuff like, UGH, drivers.  
  I am doing some work toward some automatic APRS messaging and need at least three serial (232)  ports on this Vista 32 Toshiba Satellite laptop.
Short Version:
  The latest FTDI CDM Driver (vers instaled "successfully", but won't work for a new Sabent USB<>serial converter - Device Manager reports it is functioning correctly, yea, right! HyperTerm can't open that assigned COM port and in my Visual Basic application, the Kernel32 call to CreateFile Fails.  
  In addition, a previously working driver for another FTDI device now has the same identical 'can't open symotpms after the install whether the new Sabrent is plugged-in or not.  Uninstalling the new driver, fortunately restores the older driver for the wireless link to proper operation... 
  I already have a wireless (X-Bee) USB<>serial link that works just fine and has an FTDI chip.  Vista, some time ago,  automatically installed the FTDI driver (1.0.2134.0) for this. 
 Now, I got two Sabrent CB-FT1K  USB<>Serial, FTDI, converter 1ft cables.  (I was gonna' get the ones Stephen Smith recently posted about from NewEgg, but I missed the deal deadline and got two $10 one foot versions instead).  The Sabent units also use FTDI (I'm avoiding Prolific due to the China syndrome. (;-). 
 Vista automatically went on-line and looked and installed that FTDI CDM driver when I plugged in the Sabent unit.

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