[aprssig] number of objects / items announced by station

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Sep 2 17:13:01 CDT 2013

Ho many objects to source?

Announced on the APRS-IS, as many as you want, though many people consider
it as SPAM and do not welcome it.

On RF, as few as possible, and only when germane.  FD is not until June.
So announcing maybe 2 weeks early would seem appropriate.  But ONLY FROM a
LOCAL RF station so that SPAM is kept in your own backyard.

No objects should gnerally ever be sent with 2 hops because that is no
longer your own backyard!  That is QRM to areas which you cannot monitor
directly and is not usually welcome.


On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 6:05 PM, Kristoff Bonne <kristoff.bonne at skypro.be>wrote:

> Hi,
> As our club is participating in the fieldday next weekend, I have been
> asked to announce the station via APRS and/or APRS-IS:
> See here:
> http://aprs.fi/#!mt=roadmap&z=**11&call=a%2FFD%3DON4OS&**
> timerange=3600&tail=3600<http://aprs.fi/#!mt=roadmap&z=11&call=a%2FFD%3DON4OS&timerange=3600&tail=3600>
> Now, talking about this with some fellow hams, it would perhaps also be
> interesting to announce the other fieldday stations in our region (or in
> all of Belgium) too.
> So, my question:
> is there a limit on the number of objects/items that can be announced by
> an APRS station (on RF or on the net?)
> Based on the information I receive, there are some 30 fieldday station in
> all of ON. (5 of them in the coastal region).
> BTW. Is the information still correct that a fieldday station should be
> announced as FD=<callsign> and that the symbol is a tent?
> 73
> kristoff - ON1ARF
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