[aprssig] SPOT server

Peter VERNON peter.vernon at jbo.com.au
Mon Sep 2 16:38:37 CDT 2013



SPOT's are locked down no configurations available and I suspect a
proprietary protocol.


Though I got around it this way: http://vk2us.id.au/s2a If you want I'm
happy to add you to the server.


Regards & 73's







Description: Description: cid:image001.gif at 01CC4D15.2676E5C0


T 61 2 9007 0977 | F 61 2 9007 0978 | M 61 4 1115 8231 


E VK2US at jbo.com.au | W www.vk2us.id <http://www.vk2us.id.au/> .au










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Hey these spot devices, are they hard coded to go back to a set server ?


Can you modify the server name ?


-        Andrew VK4TEC  


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