[aprssig] number of objects / items announced by station

Tony VE6MVP tony at ve6mvp.com
Mon Sep 2 23:03:18 CDT 2013

At 04:05 PM 2013-09-02, Kristoff Bonne wrote:

 >See here:

Currently it appears you are beaconing every 20 minutes which would 
probably be reasonable.   I would probably ensure you are using a 
WIDE1-1 so the object doesn't "leak" to too many digipeater 
sites.   I'd also be tempted to put an email address in your packet 
so you can get complaints. <smile>

 >So, my question:
 >is there a limit on the number of objects/items that can be announced by
 >an APRS station (on RF or on the net?)

We had someone do an APRS beacon 300 kms away from his QTH a while 
back.   He was a few hundred metres out which is why he was 
noticed.  I suspect, but I'm not sure, that if there is a closer 
igate to the object that the remote igate will beacon the object for 
you.    But I don't know that so you might want to do a bit of 
testing with a local RF only station to see what happens.  And maybe 
a RF only station in the remote object site.

 >Based on the information I receive, there are some 30 fieldday station
 >in all of ON. (5 of them in the coastal region).

As Bob points out some might look at this as spam.   Is your APRS 
frequency quite busy out there?

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